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Research Positions in NCMIS in CAS, Beijing
Update time: 2012-12-12

Based at the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science (AMSS) of CAS, the National Center for Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Sciences was founded on November 24, 2010 as part of the “Innovation 2020” program launched by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). NCMIS aims to establish a national research platform for interdisciplinary cooperation between mathematics and other research fields, including information technology, economics and finance, advanced manufacturing, materials and environment, biology and medicine, physics and engineering. Through institutional innovations, the center is expected to bring together domestic and overseas research forces in mathematics and related disciplines to solve key mathematical and scientific problems and fostering the creation of new interdisciplinary fields.

NCMIS is recruiting talented researchers home and abroad whose research focus is interdisciplinary research on mathematics and related fields. Salary and benefits will follow state and NCMIS’s guidelines.



Research Positions in all the six divisions of interdisciplinary studies between mathematics and information technology, economics and finance, advanced manufacturing, materials and environment, biology and medicine and physics and engineering.

Research Focuses in Divisions of Interdisciplinary Studies between Mathematics and Six Other Research Fields

Information Technology 

Systems and Control for Aeronautics and Astronautics;

Coding, Cryptography and Information Security;

Quantum Information and Control;

Complex Network and Application.

Economics and Finance

Economic Analysis and Forecast;

Financial Risk Management;


Population Economics.

Advanced Manufacturing

Mathematical Methods for Digital Design, Digital Manufacturing and CNC Controller;

Statistical Methods for New Technologies and New Materials in Design and Manufacturing.

Materials and Environment

Numerical Methods for Scientific Problems arising in Materials Sciences, Energy Resources, and Fluid Dynamics.

Biology and Medicine


Systems Biology;

Computational Biology;

Medical Statistics.

Physics and Engineering

Lie Theory and Geometric Methods in Quantum Physics;

Mathematical Physics;

Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory;

Navier-Stokes Equations;

Incompressible Fluid Equations.

Basic Qualifications

1. Candidates are required to have a PhD with background in a relevant discipline, or to be able to certify that they will receive the degree at the end of the 2012-13 academic year; young researchers with post-doctoral experience are preferred.

2. Strong research background in interdisciplinary sciences, demonstrated excellent academic potential, cooperative competency and some influential academic achievements of scientific research are required.

3. Candidates should be capable of working at least nine months annually in the NCMIS.

Applicant Documents

1. NCMIS Application Form(click to download)

2. Three letters of recommendation from professor-level experts in your field.

3. Work plan after application with clear statement on both division and project the candidates apply to join. (For details, please visit http://www.ncmis.cas.cn/.)

4. A copy of doctoral degree certificate.

5. Any Supplemental documents in support of your application.

Special Instructions

Applicants should submit electronic copies of the required documents no later than December 31, 2012.Please note that application will not be considered unless you attach all the materials listed.

Contact Information

Office of National Center for Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, No.55, East Road Zhongguancun, Beijing, P.R. China 

Postal Code: 100190

Phone: +86 (10) 62613242; +86 (10) 62562939

Contact Email

Email: jiaocha@amss.ac.cn

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