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Prof. Yvon Maday and Prof. Eric Cances Gave Lectures at AMSS
Update time: 2011-09-21

Prof. Yvon Maday and Prof. Eric Cances gave lectures named “The parareal in time method: a further direction for parallelism “and “The mathematics of quantum molecular simulation” at AMSS on Sept.16.2011, respectively. More than 40 researchers and graduates of National Center for Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Sciences (NCMIS), CAS attended the event. Prof. GAO Xiaoshan, vice-director of NCMIS presided over the meeting.

Prof. Yvon Maday mentioned that the parareal in time method has become the standard paradigm for the numerical simulation of complex problems allowing for investigating in a precise way new features in e.g. mechanics, physics, and chemistry. The method is also a way to be combined with standard domain decomposition methods in order to circumvent the saturation of the sole use of domain decomposition with respect to the ever increasing of number of processors (that reaches now the million).

In talk “The mathematics of quantum molecular simulation”, Prof. Eric Cances stated that quantum molecular simulation has become a major tool in chemistry, condensed matter physics, materials science, molecular biology and nanotechnology. It is also an inexhaustible source of exciting mathematical and numerical issues. This lecture aimed at giving an overview of the models used in quantum molecular simulation, with a special focus on density functional theory (DFT), and at presenting some recent advances and open questions on the mathematical and numerical analysis of these models.

Yvon Maday is a professor in Applied Mathematics at the University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6) where he is the director of the Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions. He is also a visiting professor at the division of applied maths at Brown University and a  Member of the European Academy of Sciences and a Section lecturer at International Congress of mathematicians, Madrid 2006. He received the Blaise Pascal prize from the French Academy of Sciences in 1991 and the Jacques-Louis Lions prize from the French Academy of Sciences in 2009.

Eric Cances is a professor of Applied Mathematics at Ecole des Ponts and Ecole Polytechnique in Paris. He is also a member of the INRIA project Micmac. His research interests focus on the mathematical and numerical analysis of molecular and multiscale models, with applications in chemistry and materials sciences. In 2009, he was awarded the Blaise Pascal prize from the French Academy of Sciences.

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