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2019 “Geometry and Physics” Workshop Held at AMSS
Update time: 2019-11-11

2019 “Geometry and Physics” workshop was held in Morningside center (AMSS, CAS) on Nov.1st-4th. The topic was focused on mathematical and physical problems related with general relativity, astrophysics and gravitational wave. Over 30 scholars participated in this Program.

In this conference, conventioneers reported many recent important progress. 16 talks were given during the conference. Prof. Ronggen Cai from Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS, showed his new results on primordial black hole and gravitational wave; Prof. Zhoujian Cao from AMSS,CAS, reported their new results on gravitational waveform template and new method on finding gravitational wave signals by using deep learning; Prof. Junbin Li from Sun Yat-Sen University reported mathematical theory of black hole formation and properties of singularity; Prof. Chaoguang Huang from Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS showed a new idea on gravitational wave detection by using Neutron beam; Prof. Naqing Xie from Fudan University reported some new results on estimates on Hawking Mass and Penrose-like inequality; Prof. Junbao Wu from Tianjin University reported some new results on open spin chains in ABJM theory.

The Program was part of series meetings “Geometric analysis and Hyperbolic differential equations”, which was started from 2013. Such series meetings was organized by AMSS, CAS and was sponsored by Hua Loo-Keng Center for Mathematical Science.

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