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Professor LIN Zongli Gave a Lecture at AMSS
Update time: 2021-05-28

Professor LIN Zongli gave a lecture titled “Solving Large Scale Semi-definite Programming and Beyond” at AMSS on May 28, 2021.


For an exponentially unstable linear system subject to actuator saturation, only local stabilization can be achieved. A natural and fundamental problem associated local stabilization is the determination and enlargement of the domain of attraction. This problem involves the representation of the saturation nonlinearity and the construction of Lyapunov functions. This talk illustrated how various representations of the saturation nonlinearity and constructions of Lyapunov functions resulted in different degrees of conservatism in estimating the domain of attraction under a given linear state feedback law and in enlarging the domain of attraction by the design of the feedback gain.


Professor LIN has served on the editorial boards of several journals, including those of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, IEEE Control Systems Magazine, and IEEE/CAA Journal Automatica Sinica. He was elected a member of the Board of Governors of the IEEE Control Systems Society (2008-2010 and 2019-2021) and chaired the IEEE Control Systems Society Technical Committee on Nonlinear Systems and Control (2013-2015). He has also served on the operating committees of several conferences. He was the program chair of the 2018 American Control Conference and a general chair of the 13th and 16th International Symposia on Magnetic Bearings, held in 2012 and 2018, respectively. He currently serves on the editorial boards of several journals and book series, including Automatica, Systems & Control Letters, Science China Information Sciences, and Springer/Birkhauser book series Control Engineering. He is a Fellow of IEEE, IFAC, AAAS and CAA.

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