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Stress Tensor Effects on Fluid Mechanics(2010.1.4-22,Beijing )
Update time: 2009-12-01


  The event will be splitted into two parts, one is concerning the compressible Navier-Stokes equations and the other one is concerning non-newtonian flows. The goal is to promote research projects between Chinese and French researchers. We would like to ask all participants to present not only mathematical results but also some interesting open problems that could be discussed between French and Chinese researchers.

Supported by:
  ·CNRS of France
  ·NSFC of China
  ·Morningside Center of Mathematics

  ·Didier Bresch (Université de Savoie, France)
  ·Ping Zhang (Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

Invited French senior mathematicians:
  ·D. Bresch: didier.bresch@univ-savoie.fr
  ·D. Serre: denis.serre@umpa.ens-lyon.fr
  ·A. Novotny: novotny.an@gmail.com
  ·E. Grenier: egrenier@umpa.ens-lyon.fr
  ·A. Vasseur: vasseur@math.utexas.edu
  ·V. Giovangigli: giovangi@cmapx.polytechnique.fr
  ·C. Le Bris: lebris@cermics.enpc.fr
  ·J.C. Saut: Jean-Claude.Saut@math.u-psud.fr
  ·R. Danchin: danchin@univ-paris12.fr
  ·F. Flori: flori@univ-corse.fr
  ·B. Martino: dimartin@univ-corse.fr

Invited French junior mathematicians:
  ·T. alazard: thomas.alazard@math.u-psud.fr
  ·B. Haspot: haspot@univ-paris12.fr
  ·P. Noble : noble@math.univ-lyon1.fr
  ·M. Hillairet : matthieu.hillairet@math.univ-toulouse.fr
  ·T. Lelièvre : lelievre@cermics.enpc.fr
  ·P. Vigneaux : paul.vigneaux@umpa.ens-lyon.fr
  ·J. Olivier : julien.olivier@univ-savoie.fr
  ·M. Gisclon : marguerite.gisclon@univ-savoie.fr
  ·S. Gerbi : stephane.gerbi@univ-savoie.fr
  ·D. Gérard-Varet : David.Gerard-Varet@ens.fr
  ·R. Sart : rsart@math.univ-montp2.fr
  ·C. Choquet : c.choquet@univ-cezanne.fr

Invited Chinese senior mathematicians:
  ·Feimin Huang:fhuang@amt.ac.cn
  ·Huaiyu Jian: hjian@math.tsinghua.edu.cn
  ·Song Jiang: jiang@mail.iapcm.ac.cn
  ·Quansen Jiu: jiuqs@mail.cnu.edu.cn
  ·Hailiang Li:hailiang_li@mail.cnu.edu.cn
  ·Yumin Qin: yuming_qin@hotmail.com
  ·Ling Xiao: hsiaol@math.ac.cn
  ·Zhouping Xin: zpxin@ims.cuhk.edu.hk
  ·Tong Yang: matyang@cityu.edu.hk
  ·Huicheng Yin:huicheng@nju.edu.cn
  ·liqun Zhang:lqzhang@math.ac.cn
  ·Ping Zhang: zp@math.ac.cn
  ·Pingwen Zhang: pzhang@pku.edu.cn
  ·Yi Zhou: yizhou@fudan.ac.cn
  ·Han Yang: hanyang95@263.net

Invited Chinese junior mathematicians:
  ·Chengchun Hao: hcc@amss.ac.cn
  ·Lingbing He:helbice@yahoo.com.cn
  ·Hou Zhaohui: huozhaohui@yahoo.com.cn
  ·Ju, Qiangchang: qiangchang_ju@yahoo.com
  ·Li Jing: ajingli@gmail.com
  ·Jun Li:lijun@nju.edu.cn
  ·Li Tianhong: thli@math.ac.cn
  ·Xie, Feng: tzxief@yahoo.com
  ·Xu Gang: gxu@ujs.edu.cn
  ·Wang Hua: hua.wang@ens.fr
  ·Hairong Yuan: hairongyuan0110@gmail.com
  ·Hui Zhang: hzhang@bnu.edu.cn
  ·Jianwen Zhang: jwzhang@xmu.edu.cn
  ·Ting Zhang: zhangting79@hotmail.com
  ·Zhifei Zhang:zfzhang@math.pku.edu.cn
  ·Chunhui Zhou: zhouchunhuixj@hotmail.com
  ·You Zhou: yzhou@math.ecnu.edu.cn

Foreign researchers:
  ·E. Feireisl: feireisl@math.cas.cz
  ·J. Malek: malek@karlin.mff.cuni.cz

  ·First three weeks of January 2010.


Ⅰ.First week and middle of second week:
  ·Denis Serre: Lecture on "conservation and dissipation."
  ·Raphael Danchin: Lecture on "Fourier analysis for compressible Navier-Stokes equations."

Ⅱ.Second week:
  ·Josef Malek: Lecture on "Thermodynamics of nonnewtonian (in)compressible fluid models"
  ·Tony Lelièvre: Lecture on "Relative entropies and non-newtonian flows"
  ·Jean-Claude Saut: Lecture on "Mathematical theory of viscoelastic fluids."

Participants will give also 1h lectures (see the attached program).

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