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The Center of Network and Information
Update time: 2009-09-17

The Center of Network and Information(CNI) of the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science(AMSS) was established in Dec.1998. 

It is an important component of the supporting system of AMSS's research and management.

The main tasks of the CNI is to build the network and information environment which includes the planning, construction, maintenance of AMSS's local network.The construction of AMSS's local network started from 1998.The network is laid throughout the main buildings and other buildings. At same it also supports and manages the daily network operation and information systems.

In addition,it provides a lot of services of the network and information as below:

1 To set up and deploy the important network device and information system

To create a network and information environment. The center now has install multiple  information system to provide the service of WWW, FTP, Proxy and  management information system and academic research system.

2 To provide the service of network connection

  •  The connection and of Local Network
  • The assignment and management of IP address
  •   At present,there are more than 1000 computers which have been connected the AMSS's local network.

3 To provide public information service

  •  Domain Name Service
  •  NAT Service
  •  WWW Service
  •  Ftp Service
  • Proxy Service
  • E-Science system 

4 To manage user accounts of information system

  •  The management of user account of mail system
  •  The management of user account of Online system
  •  The management of accounts and ARP Information System.

Now it has a total enrollment of nearly 1000 users.

5.To manage the safety of Network and Information system.

  •  Install and deploy firewall system and VPN system.
  • The install antivirus software in server and client.
  • The update of software and data of antivirus.
  • The management of Information System Privilege of application system. 

6 To provide the network and information service for visitors


7 To make management and maintenance of public equipment

  • The management of the Public Computer Room
  • The management of the devices of Public Meeting Room
  •  The Reservation and technology supporting of Video Room.  

8 To offer the training and technical consultation

It offers training and technical consultation on the computer network and information technology to staff and students in AMSS-wide.

It has also provided the software installation and hardware maintainence of computer systems for the users of AMSS.

The center also want to creat an excellent working environment for research,teaching and management.

If you have any question, please send mail to :manager@amss.ac.cn

If you need to help, please call the phone 62553304 62651318 62588432 for contact.

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