Weighted L^2 Approximation of Analytic Sections

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03 02, 2022


SpeakerDr. Li Zhi (BUPT)

Title: Weighted L^2 Approximation of Analytic Sections

Time&Venue18:30-21:30, 2, March, 2022 N902

Abstract: In this talk, we will discuss a global weighted L^2 approximation result for holomorphic sections in weighted Bergman spaces, generalizing the approximation theorems of Taylor, Forn?ss, and Wu. The main novelty here is a combination of the L^2 estimates with twisted Bochner–Kodaira technique, optimal L^2 extension technique and the solution of the strong openness conjecture on multiplier ideal sheaves.This is joint work with Prof. Zhou Xiangyu.



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