Quanta Magazine reported the scientific research results of Associate Professor Zhengyi Zhou

On November 7, 2023, the Quanta Magzine reported the research results of Zhengyi Zhou.

AMSS Events
  • A data integration approach unveils a transcriptional signature of type 2 diabetes progression in rat and human islets

    Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is a complex, chronic, progressive, and non-self-curable disease, whose cure is a challenge to public health. China now has more than 100 million T2D patients, along with an even larger population of prediabetes. Unfortunately, a substantial portion of these individuals remains unaware of their risk and status. Detecting diabetes early before it becomes irreversible is a desirable approach to cure the disease.


  • CAS Academician Prof. Guo Lei delivered an Invited Lecture at ICIAM 2023

    The 10th International Congress of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM 2023) was held on August 20-25, 2023 in Tokyo, Japan. The ICIAM is the highest level, largest and most influential academic event in the field of industrial and applied mathematics, and is held every four years. CAS Academician Prof. Guo Lei from AMSS was one of the 27 renowned applied mathematicians around the world who delivered Invited Lectures at this congress.


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The AMSS is not only an influential research center, but a high level graduate education base. Its four institutes are among the first authorized to confer master’s degrees and doctorates, and were among the earliest post-doctoral stations.

The Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science (AMSS) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), was founded in December 1998 with the integration of the Institute of Mathematics (established 1952), the Institute of Applied Mathematics (established 1979), the Institute of Systems Science (established 1979), the Institute of Computational Mathematics and Scientific/Engineering Computing (established 1995). CAS Academician Prof. YANG Lo was its founding president, CAS Academician Prof. GUO Lei was the second president, CAS Academician Prof. XI Nanhua and Prof. WANG Yuefei were the third co-presidents, and CAS Academician Prof. XI Nanhua is the current president.

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