Institute of Mathematics

The Institute of Mathematics was founded in 1952, and Professor Loo-keng Hua was the first director. Over the past fifty years, the Institute has made great achievements in both scientific research and graduate education. The main research areas are pure mathematics and theoretical computer science. Authorized by CAS, the Institute has established an international research group on challenging problems in pure mathematics. The Institute of Mathematics organizes seminars regularly. Institute Lecture, Loo-keng Hua Mathematics Lectures and colloquia are important ones of academic activities. The Institute and the Morningside Center of Mathematics organize annual scientific programs and invite renowned mathematicians to give lectures.

Institute of Applied Mathematics

The Institute of Applied Mathematics was founded in 1979 by Loo-Keng Hua, Academician of CAS. The Institute focuses on theoretical research in applied mathematics, developing and creating new branches and methods of applied mathematics in the fields of natural sciences, hitech, economics, finance, and management decision. Major Research Fields: probability and statistic, differential equations and mathematical physics, operational research and information science Interdisciplinary Research: financial engineering and risk management, bioinformatics, decision making under uncertainty, graph theory, combinatorics and network, statistics science, partial differential equations and their applications, quantum information.

Institute of Systems Science

The Institute of Systems Science (ISS) was established in 1979, by several Chinese leading scientists including Chao-chi Guan, Wen-tsün Wu and K.C. Hsu. It is an interdisciplinary research institution bridging systems science, mathematics, engineering science and social science. Research Directions: Major Directions: systems control, systems management, mathematics mechanization, statistical science Interdisciplinary Fields: complex systems, information security, bioinformatics Applied Fields: social development, economics and finance, engineering technology, information technology.

Institute of Computational Mathematics and Scientific/Engineering Computing

The Institute of Computational Mathematics and Scientific/Engineering Computing was established in 1995. Research Fields: finite element and boundary element methods, numerical methods for linear and nonlinear optimization, numerical linear algebra, and structure-preserving algorithms for dynamical systems; Interdisciplinary Research: computational electromagnetics, computational fluid dynamics, computational geometry, computational materials science, inverse problems in mathematical physics, and high performance scientific computing software and platform.

Centers and Key Laboratories

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