Int'l Cooperation

Collaboration and exchanges are vital for fundamental scientific research, especially for the subject of Mathematics. AMSS has built strong ties with the worldwide mathematics community over the last twenty years, and looks forward to deepening and broadening these ties as we go into the future.

AMSS has developed long term and solid partnership with well-known institutions and universities of over 20 countries or regions in Asia, Europe and North America. Some of the partners has had official co-operative agreements or memorandum of understanding with AMSS, such as CNRS, University of Paris Diderot, Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in the Science, Leipzig, University of Waterloo, National Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Republic of Korea, etc.

There are over 300 visitors from abroad and about 400 staff and students go abroad for collaboration and exchanges each year. Among the invited visitors, many are renowned scientists, and some are Fields Medalists. AMSS has a number of lecture series to host their talks, e.g. "Loo-keng HUA lectures", "Zhaozhi GUAN lectures", "Kang FENG lectures", and “Systems Science Forum” etc. Many overseas scientists have been invited to work during their sabbaticals to allow for in-depth collaborations and communications.

AMSS is a regular host for international conferences and workshops. Such as  International Congress of Chinese MathematiciansInternational Symposium on Frontiers of Operations ResearchInternational Conference on Optimization, Sparsity and Adaptive Data Analysis and International Conference on Numerical Optimization and Numerical Linear Algebra. AMSS also organizes international forums for young scholars on a regular basis, for instance “Professor Loo-Keng HUA’s Youth Forum”, calling itself an international platform for young talents to exchange and collide thoughts with different sparks.

International partnerships are essential for AMSS to fulfill its mission. We are eager to see many more partnerships in fundamental research, in education and training.


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