The AMSS is not only an influential research center, but a high level graduate education base. Its four institutes are among the first authorized to confer master’s degrees and doctorates, and were among the earliest post-doctoral stations.

  The AMSS was the first batch of research institutions to recruit and train graduate students in China. Currently, AMSS is authorized to confer advanced degrees in six primary academic disciplines,17 secondary discipline master programs and 15 secondary discipline doctor programs. At present, The AMSS has the research and teaching team with the highest level in China. Among them, 16 are CAS Academicians, 1 is Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 8 are members of the Third World Academy of Sciences. And it has 798 graduate students including 336 masters and 462 Ph.D. candidates.

  Since the first batch of postgraduate students were recruited in 1955, the AMSS (including the previous four institutes) has educated about 2800 doctoral students and 1980 postgraduate students.Outstanding mathematicians have emerged, including CAS Academicians Prof. Ma Zhiming, Prof. Ding Weiyue, Prof. Li Banghe, Prof. Guo Lei, Prof. Xi Nanhua, Prof. Yuan Yaxiang, Prof. Huang Minqiang, and Prof. Zhang Weiping, Prof. Zhou Xiangyu, Prof. Chen Zhiming were elected as Academicians of CAS. Its distinguished scientists working abroad, including Prof. Fan Jianqing, Prof. Zhang Shouwu, Prof. E Weinan,Prof. Liu Kefeng and Prof. Zhao Xiuli.

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