Linear convergence of an alternating polar decomposition method for low rank orthogonal tensor approximations (Ke Ye)

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09 09, 2022

Low rank orthogonal tensor approximation (LROTA) is an important problem in tensor computations and their applications. A classical and widely used algorithm is the alternating polar decomposition method (APD). In this paper, an improved version iAPD of the classical APD is proposed. For the first time, all of the following four fundamental properties are established for iAPD: (i) the algorithm converges globally and the whole sequence converges to a KKT point without any assumption; (ii) it exhibits an overall sublinear convergence with an explicit rate which is sharper than the usual O(1/k) for first order methods in optimization; (iii) more importantly, it converges R-linearly for a generic tensor without any assumption; (iv) for almost all LROTA problems, iAPD reduces to APD after finitely many iterations if it converges to a local minimizer.



  Mathematical Programming, 30 July 2022



    Shenglong Hu

       Department of Mathematics, School of Science, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Hangzhou, 310018, China

Ke Ye

KLMM, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 100190, China




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