AMSS was founded in December 1998, by merging the Institute of Mathematics, Institute of Applied Mathematics, Institute of Systems Science, and Institute of Computational Mathematics and Scientific/Engineering Computing of CAS. Its history can be traced back to the founding of the Institute of Mathematics of CAS in 1952. 

CAS is the top academic research organization of P. R. China. This defines the mission of the AMSS: pursuing fundamental research of highest level on mathematical sciences and their applications and related interdisciplinary study; high level training in mathematical sciences; providing consulting reports to the authorities on certain issues related to mathematical sciences and their applications; playing a leading role in advanced study of mathematics in China; and becoming a mathematical research center of global influence. 

The AMSS is the largest, strongest and the most influential research institution in mathematical science in China. Its research areas are comprehensive, ranging from mathematics, statistics, systems science, management science, computer science. Now AMSS is dynamic in following subjects: number theory, algebra, geometry and topology, analysis and mathematical physics, scientific computing, probability and statistics, systems and control, operations research and management science, and computer mathematics. Currently AMSS has 222 faculty members, including 118 professors (17 are academicians), 81 associate professors, and 27 assistant professors. 

 To train young people is also a major obligation of the AMSS. At the moment, it has more than 70 postdoctoral fellows, 425 PhD students and 305 postgraduate students. Meanwhile, AMSS is engaged in the undergraduate education at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences by offering all mathematical courses and tutoring. 

 The AMSS has a brilliant history and an outstanding status, and is full of vigour and vitality now. Outstanding young people are welcome to join the AMSS. Prospective students are welcome to continue their study at the AMSS as graduate students. People here would keep pure mind and follow higher standard to pursue new heights of excellence along with the AMSS.

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